Gila Mosaics Custom Installation
From small wall hangings to large murals, I provide services from design and fabrication, thru installation.   Commissions  are priced per project depending on a variety of factors, including materials, size, complexity of design & installation requirements.

Gila Rayberg
(850) 791-1070

Gila Rayberg
(850) 791-1070

Customized work & Site Specific Installations

Send an email with as many details regarding your project as possible, so that I can get an understanding of your needs.  The following information will help me to give you an accurate estimate:

~ Desired Size of completed Mosaic
~  Design image, logo, or an idea of the imagery you'd like (attach a photo)
(don't worry if you're not sure, I can help with that too!)
~ The color and types of material that you like.
~Any site specific details, like type of wall, floor, indoors, outdoor, etc.
~ Time constraints / deadline
~Your budget.

I look forward to hearing from you & make every effort to respond quickly.