Just a few photos can help me tell a larger story.  The more information I have about my subjects, the more memory inducing elements I can incorporate into the mosaic, making it that much more personal. portrait commissions

Portraits are my passion, I look forward to bringing yours to life!

Secondary reference:
The portrait on a stick that he's holding was inspired by these cupcake decorations!

"She's even more fabulous in the flesh,
I can't stop looking at her, moreover, touching her. Exquisite use of materials, & those glasses are just superb, the reflections are a stroke of genius!  The wait has been rewarded a millionfold.  I will treasure her for the rest of my life, my first art purchase too."
Much love, Janice

Reflection 12" x 12"
Various types of glass, hand painted Japanese saucer, copper beads, gold mirror, black & blue grout

These examples show how I take a photo and turn it into a one of a kind, uniquely personalized mosaic.

"So beautiful I'm awestruck!

 It takes me back to childhood, when I converted the old washer/dryer box into a brand new home, complete with windows (ah the mirrors) , in the middle of our front yard!
I truly love this masterpiece, Gila! It reminds me of the freedom I was given to be creative when I was just a kid, and the freedom that creativity gives to each of us as we mature! What an exquisite creation it is!!!"   
          ~ Mike Ryon, (portrait subject)

Primary reference: Artist, Mike Ryon

Gila Mosaics Portrait Commissions

Portraits are my passion!
I look forward to bringing yours to life!
Just Email a photo to get started
I make every effort to respond quickly.

I loved working with this clearly defined black & white photo from the 50's.  The absence of color in the original, allowed me to  compose their skin tones to illuminate their beautiful smiles.

detail - work in progress
~ 1st of 2 grout colors applied.   Using both light and dark grout colors, I was able to emphasizes the subject and allow the background to gently recede.

~ The "reflection" in her glasses was a great opportunity to use  "memory ware" to reflect a story. mosaic

~ The small pearl on her ring, adds a nice textural 3d element. portrait commissions

"Your packing is second to none, it must have taken ages in itself to wrap."

Holding the "cupcake" portrait, Gila shows just how small it is!
2.5" x 2" - stained glass on wood

Mothers   10" x 8"
Italian smali & vitreous glass

Join The Party  17" x 24"
Handmade ceramics, unglazed porcelain, dishes, mirror, & glass on a hand built, cement based, substrate

Portrait Commissions are created from photographs.  It's important to start with a great image of your subject.  Examples below show a bit of what goes into the process of creating your portrait.  Whether I use Italian Smalti, stained glass, dishes, or a combination of materials for your portrait, it's sure to be unique and packed with expression!

When contacting me regarding your customized work, please provide a bit of information in an email, so that I can give you an accurate estimate for your portrait.   Here are some suggestions as to what to include in your message.
~ Reference photo
(or several) 
~ A detail or two about your subject, likes/hobbies/favorite things, that you'd like me to think about & incorporate into the artwork to further personalize it
~ Your budget
(this guides me in choosing materials & other design considerations)
please allow minimum 6-8 weeks for completion & delivery  

Email:  Gila@GilaMosaics.com
I look forward to hearing from you & make every effort to respond quickly.